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to Mae Taeng Forest Reserve 

but_booknow   Gliding along the shady side at the Mae Taeng Forest Reserve


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The Mid Valley Trip river section has all the fun turns and twists the Mae Ping river has to offer here in the Mae Ngat Valley. After the initial easy entry at the Mid valley Bridge, the river challenges us to pick the right line between the sand banks and the river shores. The mighty Ping River here a playful large Creek gives a handful of opportunities to practice our art of river navigation. Because of its mild consequences but challenging nature of this terrain it is a favorite for new comers to the sport.


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 The Mae Ping river’s cool water keeps the immediate environment at a comfortable temperature . The final destination the Mae Tang Forest Reserve ads a continuous alley of large overhanging trees keeping us in the shade. The absence of civilization reminds us how quiet nature can be without modern life present.


Get a unique perspective of Northern Thai Culture

Trip Summary

(Available daily)

When: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Trip: Crossing the southern part of Mae Ngat Valley

River grade : Class 1

Distance/Time : 17 km , 3hrs +

Motivated Beginners are welcome ,

Lessons in basic kayaking provided

Fitness level : ok

Kayaks :Touring Kayaks (sit in) & Sit On Tops

Rate 1950 baht …please click at the top to book





width=300 在Mae Taeng森林保护区的树荫下划艇

在Mae Ngat山谷的中部山谷河流段有着十分有趣的弯道。此次探险开始于简单的坝流,之后,我们将会得到沙岸与河岸迂回选择的挑战。磅礴有力的Ping河在这里变成一条大型的溪流,给了我们一次宝贵的机会驾驭河流。 由于这里水流速度温和但对于地形很有挑战,因此对于新来的朋友是一项非常不错的运动。凉爽的水温带给我们舒适的温度。 此次旅程的终点是在Mae Tang森林保护区,进入一片高大魁梧的树林之中。这提醒了我们,没有现代化的生活将会有多么宁静的大自然。 时间:上午8:00-下午5:30. 全年雨天或者晴天。 行程:穿越Mae Ngat 山谷的南部 河流等级:1级 距离/时间:16公里,3小时 欢迎有学习动力的初学者 以前有皮划艇经验的话将会很有帮助,但并不是必须有 将会在河流中提供基础的皮划艇课程 健康水平:好 皮划艇:独木舟艇(sit in)和平台艇(sit on tops)

width=300 位置、位置、位置。。。在森林保护区的树木永远是这么多