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Winter /Spring 2024 SEASON SCHEDULE 

With Covid 19 finaly fading out and people heading for the outdoors, we are prepared to receive our outdoor enthusiast. Luckily kayaking provides the perfect venue to enjoy, that by nature is the definition of save social distancing. Please adhere to current regulations such as wearing a mask only at check in and check out. Enjoy your new found freedom. Northern Thailand offers the perfect playground for river exploration , All year we venture into the jungles exploring the unspoiled natural forests of the north.  In the now dryer season the open and wider river with its lazy currents drifts us passed remarkable countryside and  mountain scapes. With water levels now safe for everyone we venture with our novices and "light swimmers" into the more interesting jungle stretches.

We entertain all levels of kayakers and provide free lessons for beginners, all safety gear is provided and all trips are fully guided.  Take a moment to review the set program, feel free to contact us for the optimum nature trip for the present water conditions.

Northern Thailand's rivers , with its now seasonal low waters allow a save and joyful trip into the jungles for everyone.


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